• Field of activity
    The industries served are metalworking industry, handling and
    packaging sector, wood processing industry, paper production
    and many others.
  • Materials
    Materials we work with are different grades of steel, non-ferrous
    alloys, polymers and many others.
  • Progress
    We are expanding the scale and quality of our services all the
    time by purchasing of new equipment.

Our Services


The most of our raw materials are usually purchased as bars. The first step in the process is to cut them into smaller pieces. We are capable to cut raw material up to ⌀320mm.


The size of parts we can machine by turning is ⌀350x750mm.


Our shop is equipped with CNC machining centers with a workspace of 700x500x600mm. The accuracy of machining is 0,01mm. We have all the tools needed to provide high quality parts, and all the gauges to check the dimensions according to the drawing.

Heat treatment

If required, the parts are heat treated. The results achieved are checked with a hardness tester. The hardness tester is calibrated by using certified test blocks.

Flat Grinding

When necessary, we apply flat grinding of parts. The size of the machine workspace is 500x250mm.

Cylindrical grinding - inner and outer

In order to meet high accuracy and surface quality requirements, we offer cylindrical grinding of parts, both inner and outer.

Our Works

The main activity of the company leads us to new challenges day by day. Here we present a few of our selected works from the past.

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Bata Machining Workshop

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